“7 Elements of Interior Design”

How to Achieve Good Form?

The term “form” refers to the overall shape of the room. It might be the overall shape of the room, the furnishings, the décor, or even the lighting fixtures.

It is impossible to construct a design without first knowing or determining the form.

The presence of light and dark is also reflected in the form, which is characterized by the presence of various shades and shadows on the face and on the surfaces of the objects.

To achieve good form you have to take into account the length, width, height, mass, and volume. This is measured from top to bottom and from length to breadth. All of these measurements are required for putting together the design.

Organic Form: Refers to shapes formed in nature eg a tree or plant.

Geometric Form: These are man-made, geometric shapes including non-living forms.

Closed Form: These are self contained and not visible to the naked eye.

Open Form: These visible shapes and outlines.

In order to achieve good form a designer must use all the elements of interior design (ie.  Space; Lines; Form or Shape; Pattern; Light; Color; Texture)which when blended together will be the form itself.