“7 Elements of Interior Design”

Make the most out of your space


Make the most out of your space by using an interior designer

Almost every design decision revolves around the concept of space.

The distance between and surrounding furniture and objects, as well as their proportions inside a room, is referred to as ‘space.’

There are two fundamental forms of space to consider: 2-D space (which accounts for the length and width of a room) and 3-D space (which accounts for the height and width of a room) (which covers height). When it comes to carpets or rugs, for example, just 2-D space is important; but, you’ll need to consider 3-D space before adding new shelving or furniture.

Getting the correct balance in a room by the correct use of both ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ space.

Positive space refers to the areas where the room’s objects – such as a sofa and armchairs – are placed.  Negative space refers to the gaps in between, and includes  space for moving around the room and  areas left open to keep a room from seeming cluttered.

A good balance between the two is necessary for a room to feel well-designed.

Negative space makes a room feel more spacious, larger, and possibly bigger, but too much negative space can make a room feel incomplete & impersonal.

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Space - 7 Elements of Interior Design